Vespa Tours

How it works

Our Vespa Tours of Rome are fun and a great alternative way to explore the Eternal City. If you are qualified you can drive your own wheels. We require that you have good recent experience driving a scooter or motorcycle. The Vespa model will be 125cc automatic with no gears, so it’s easier to handle on Roman roads. Don’t have scooter skills? Please contact us for options and availability.


When available, Giovanni & Annie will personally lead your Vespa Tour of Rome. If not, we will send you one of our experienced tour leaders from our team of Vespa drivers. Shoot us an email via our contact page and let us know which dates you are in town, where you are staying and how many people.

Private & Customized

Our itineraries vary as each tour is private and tailored to what you would like to see and experience. We will help you design the perfect tour for you. Scooteroma is the perfect way to see Rome in an energetic, fun and adventurous way!

In addition to Vespa tours, we can help you plan your Italian holiday from start to finish. We will be happy to arrange private tours for you in Rome, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and many other cities throughout Italy. We can cover all the logistics of planning your trip which encompasses the why, how, where and what will work best for you and make your trip an unforgettable experience.
For more information, please contact us to start planning.


Self Drive Vespa Tour

The tour starts as you pick-up your Vespa and start off the day like a true Roman. We will lead you on an exhilarating private tour as we ride over the cobblestone streets of the Eternal City. Ride with us and discover special places you would never find on your own. Experience and see sites, neighborhoods and locations that are not available on foot. Along the way we will make several stops to snap photos, learn about the history of the city and mix in with the locals. We always find time to make a pit-stop for a caffè, croissant or gelato. At the end of the tour we will ride up the largest hill in Rome where you will catch the most gorgeous views of the city! Join us for our most popular Vespa tour and see how Ancient Rome meets up with the modern day world.
4 hours


Foodie Vespa Tour

This special ride is designed for the food lover at heart. Wanna learn more about Rome’s great food culture? Come with us! The advantage of a Vespa tour in Rome is being able to visit shops, bars and markets outside the city center in a short amount of time while your food expert introduces you to the most delicious food in Rome. Tasty highlights include sipping on a classic Italian espresso, munching on pizza bianca and licking the best gelato in addition to learning about the history of Rome’s savory street food. The itinerary will be personalized to your specific palate and culinary dreams. It’s a delicious ride!
4 hours


Ape Calessino Tour

Hop in our Piaggio Ape Calessino and let’s go for a spin! Piaggio is the same company who makes our beloved Vespa. An extra wheel turns it into a buggy like ride with three passengers sitting in the back. It’s super fun and not to mention adorable looking! This tour is perfect for people visiting Rome who prefer not to be on 2 wheels. It is also ideal for families with small children or people with disabilities. The route is similar to our popular Vespa Tour but as always we can adapt the itinerary to your needs and wishes. Travel along the exciting streets of the Eternal City with your private guide at the wheel leading your family’s urban adventure. Perfect for a romantic honeymoon spin or illuminated Rome by Night tour. The possibilities are endless with Scooteroma!
4 hours


Bici Tour

For those who are not interested in a Vespa experience there is the option of a private guided bicycle tour of Bella Roma. Our bicycle tour is a charming and different way to see the historic center of the city. You will bike through areas of town where you cannot drive with a scooter and would never find on your own. This tour is a perfect mix of the main attractions you would not want to miss and everyday Roman life. Along the way you will see and learn about the major monuments in the heart of the downtown area plus discover many of the hidden side streets and gems of the city. Peddle past the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Take a break and enjoy a gelato on us. Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain to ensure you return to Rome and learn all about the fascinating history of Rome!
3 hours