Vespa Tours

How it works

Our Vespa Tours of Rome are fun and a great alternative way to explore the Eternal City. Either ride on the back of our Vespa, or if you are qualified, you can drive your own wheels. We require that you have good recent experience driving a scooter or motorcycle. The Vespa model will be 125cc automatic with no gears, so it’s easier to handle on Roman roads. Don’t have scooter skills? Not to worry, you can hop on our Vespa and be a passenger…sit back, relax and enjoy the ride!


When available, Giovanni & Annie will personally lead your Vespa Tour of Rome. If not, we will send you one of our experienced tour leaders from our team of Vespa drivers. For groups larger than two people there will be a mix of new and vintage Vespas!

Private & Customized

Our itineraries vary as each tour is private and tailored to what you would like to see and experience. We will help you design the perfect tour for you and your group. Scooteroma is the perfect way to see Rome in an energetic, fun and adventurous way!

In addition to Vespa tours, we can help you plan your Italian holiday from start to finish. We will be happy to arrange private tours for you in Rome, Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and many other cities throughout Italy. We can cover all the logistics of planning your trip which encompasses the why, how, where and what will work best for you and make your trip an unforgettable experience.

For more information, please contact us to start planning.


Motorino Vespa Tour

The Motorino Vespa tour begins as you pick-up your scooter and start off the day like a true Roman. The Scooter Maven and Mr. G will lead you on an exhilarating private tour as we ride over the cobblestone streets of the Eternal City. Ride with us and discover unique places you would never find on your own. Experience and see sites, neighborhoods and locations that are not reachable on foot. Along the way, we will make several stops to snap photos, learn about the history of the city and mix in with the locals. We like to call ourselves ‘foodies’ so we always find time to make a pit-stop for a caffè, croissant or gelato. At the end of the tour, we will ride up the largest hill in Rome where you will catch the most gorgeous views of the city! Join us for our most popular Vespa tour and see how Ancient Rome meets up with the modern day world.

4 hours


Giornata Vespa Tour

A full day Vespa tour is the way to go if you have more time to explore the hundreds of sights and sounds in beautiful Rome. Meet up with your Vespa Guide in the morning and then it’s wheels up to discover all that the city has to offer. Mid-morning we like to stop at one of our favourite cafés in town. Rub elbows with the locals as you enjoy a ‘cappuccino & cornetto’ and soak in the atmosphere of an authentic Roman neighborhood. Continue to scooter up and down the famous 7 hills of Rome as we zip past monuments, visit churches, travel outside the center of town and dig deeper into the history of ‘Caput Mundi’. Depending on your culinary interests we will break for lunch at a local caffè, pizzeria or secret place that serves up true Roman cuisine. Work off your lunch by cruising your way up to the most panoramic view of the city. For the ‘grand finale’, ride with the locals in one of the largest squares in Rome where the traffic runs counter clockwise and doesn’t have a stoplight. Exhilarating, right? You will enjoy it all from the back of your Vespa!

6 hours + 1 hour for lunch


Roamin’ Holiday Vespa Tour

Sit back, relax and be a passenger on the most famous scooter in the world, a vintage Vespa. Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck made exploring Rome on two wheels famous and fashionable with the film ‘Roman Holiday’. Hop on the back of our unique, vintage Vespas and our ‘authentic Roman’ drivers will show you the secrets of the Eternal City. As you buzz through the city at an easy pace, you will be enchanted by the Roman alleyways, awed by the immense squares and pleasantly surprised by the hidden neighborhoods you would never know that existed. All our drivers have years of professional experience and intimate knowledge of their hometown. Ride with a local and you’ll never want to walk again!

4 hours


Foodie Vespa Tour

This special ride is designed for the food lover at heart. Want to learn more about Rome’s great food culture? Come with us! The advantage of a Vespa tour in Rome is being able to visit shops, bars and markets outside the city center in a short amount of time. Our food and wine expert is present during this tour and will introduce you to the most delicious food in Rome. Food highlights include sipping on a classic Italian espresso, munching on pizza bianca, learning how gelato is made and the history of Rome’s savory street food. The itinerary will be personalized to your specific palate and culinary dreams. Each client will have their own Vespa with a personal driver for this unique foodie spin through the Eternal City. It’s a delicious ride!

4 hours


La Grande Bellezza Tour

Our newest tour takes you on a cinematic spin through the city visiting the iconic monuments, neighbourhoods and settings where the Oscar winning film La Grande Bellezza was filmed on location in Rome. See more, learn and discover insights into this masterpiece as you zip to these secret gems of the Eternal City.


6 hours


#FindYourFiat Tour

Hop into one of our iconic vintage Fiat 500s and take an unforgettable spin through bella Roma! This adorable tour has a similar route to our classic Vespa Tour of Rome but on four wheels instead of two. Sit back and relax as your driver cruises you through tiny alleyways and magnificent squares and makes several pit stops along the way. There is no shortage of photo ops with this tour, to say the least, so we encourage you to use the Roman born hashtag #FindYourFiat to document and share your Scooteroma experience via social media.

4 hours

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