Scooter Maven

Annie is a native Minnesotan born into an Italian-American family and has lived in Rome for the last eight years. She is the owner/operator of Rome and Tuscany Tours and Scooteroma with her Italian husband Giovanni. She first experienced Italy studying abroad as a college student. She instantly fell in love with the country, people, language and culture and knew that someday Italy would be her permanent home. Annie is a passionate person who has worked in fashion in NYC and media production throughout the United States which all led to her making the leap across the pond. In 2005, Annie was finally able to pack up her Prada and turn her love for everything Italian into a career as founder of Rome and Tuscany Tours. Two years after she moved to Rome she drove her first┬ámotorino during Friday rush hour traffic. Soon after, she christened herself the Scooter Maven and began leading Vespa tours of Rome and Scooteroma was born! She adores her ‘Vespa Vita’ as she scooters around town on her cherry red wheels but is always trying to come up with new ways to fight ‘helmet head’.

Mr. G

Giovanni was born and raised in Fiuggi, a small resort town located less than an hour from Rome. Since his very first job Giovanni has worked in the hospitality business so it’s not surprising that he would have a successful career as a concierge at the top 5 star hotels in Rome. Before he made the move to Rome, he lived in London and Spain for several years and became fluent in English and Spanish. Giovanni intimately knows the wonderment of his native country and loves sharing it with his clients. Mr. G can also talk about pasta, politics, music or even about NFL football.

Annie and Giovanni met one hot summer day in 2009 when she walked into a hotel to pick up clients for a Vespa tour. Their first date? The Bruce Springsteen concert in Rome and the rest is history! In early 2011, Annie and Giovanni embarked on married life and not only merged their belongings but also their expertise. Together, they define Scooteroma.